Nature playground


Nature playground

Come and visit our nature playground and get a wonderful experience. There are for instance 8 meter tall climbing towers, aerial ropeways, chute tubes and climbing net.

We have also built a hut town under the trees, which inspires to all kinds of hide and seek and funny possibilities of creative playing. The playground is built in sustainable and environmental materials, and we focus on safety, quality and durability. We are sure that it will contribute to many hours of playing for big and small in the years to come.

In the whole summer season we have raised a big mast sail (tent) where you can relax in the shadow and enjoy your brought food or just relax while the children gambol in the heights. Read more about the Dino-sandbox.

Playground by the ChildrenZOO 

This plauground is for the smaller kids, who love to play around. They can climb up in the small tower and have a great time on slide og fun ride in the swing

We look forward to seeing you and the children having a good time with the many play possibilities.